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Facade Lighting

Facades are typically known as the principle front or the front facing exterior sides of the building. In architectural terms, they are one of the most important exterior design elements as they largely determine the overall feel of the structure. The facade lighting can be positioned on the ground, on a mast or on the building. Wall washers offset from the facade at one third to half the facade height avoid long shadows. Luminaries positioned close to the facade produce grazing light with a strong emphasis on the surface textures and structures. LED facade lighting are outdoor lighting fixtures used to enhance architectural detail and illuminate landscape features, casting your business in the best possible light.

Categories of Facade Lighting We offer:

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Solid Facade

Walls with a smooth surface with no texture refers to a solid facade. Natural lighting condition primarily influences the facade. But, large and consistent surfaces can accommodate a variety of structures and patterns of light.

Vertically Divided Facade

Buildings with vertically divided facades are commonly installed with narrow beams by developers to magnify the vertical divisions of the building. Meanwhile, some light manufacturers consider uplights and downlights to increase and augment the facade.

Horizontally Divided Facade

Perforated Facade

Lastly, a building with a perforated facade allows augmenting a creative innovation of several lighting techniques. There are several illuminating techniques to have a charismatic cover.