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High Tension ( HT )

High voltage transmission lines deliver electricity over long distances. The high voltage is required to reduce the amount of energy lost during the distance. Unlike other energy sources such as natural gas, electricity can’t be stored when it is not used. If demand exceeds supply, a blackout occurs. A comprehensive national grid with many redundancies has been built to mitigate these circumstances, and overhead high voltage electrical lines can frequently be encountered by farmer, construction workers, and local residents.

Because overhead transmission lines are not covered by insulation, there are many safety considerations when working and playing nearby. Electricity ’wants’ to reach the ground. An object on the ground can still become electrified without touching an overhead wire because electricity can arc through air. Because of that, one should keep good distance between themselves, construction and farming equipment, and overhead power lines.

Specifications of High Tension Cables :

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OH 33/11KV Transmission Line

UG Cabling

Underground cables help in ensuring uninterrupted power supply that are hitherto uncommon in overhead systems. The main hindrance in ensuring uninterrupted power supply through overhead systems is the non-availability of space in developed urban areas.Read More

Outdoor/Indoor Sub-Station Erection

In these substations, the apparatus is installed within the substation building. Such substations are usually for a voltage up to 11,000 V but can be erected for 33,000 V and 66,000 volts when the surrounding atmosphere is contaminated with impurities such as metal corroding gases and fumes, conductive dust etc.Read More