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Low Tension ( LT )

A low tension line can be considered as the line that has an operating voltage till 1000 volt which is 1Kv. This is the 230V and 440V in our household so it is the local distribution line. Through the low tension or low voltage line we are receiving power to our home. Low tension lines are more susceptible to faults because it is connected to the loads. The transmission line from the substation to the pole-mounted substation will be a high tension line and from the pole mounted substation our house or office is a low tension line and mostly there won’t be any transformers between low tension lines but we can see transformers in high tension lines. So basically we can say that a high tension line and low tension line is for power transmission but to do the operation of our equipment we need low voltage.

Specifications of Low Tension Cables :

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Rural Electrifications

Urban Electrification Renovation

Power distribution caters to both rural and urban areas, both of which have different characteristics. The consumer population in the rural areas is largely residential and agricultural, while in the urban areas, the consumer mix is residential, commercial, and industrial to a certain extent.Read More

UG & OH cabling

The initial cost of the underground transmission system is more compared to the overhead line because it needs digging, trenching, etc. There is no requirement of digging, manholes, and trench. So, the overhead line system is cheaper than the underground system.Read More

Smart LED Street Lighting

A smart streetlight is a public lighting fixture that incorporates technology, such as cameras, light-sensing photocells and other sensors, to introduce real-time monitoring functionalities.Place a 220Ω and 10kΩ resistor on the breadboard. Connect +ve of led to the one end of 220Ω resistor.Read More

Stadium High-Mast Lighting

With well-experienced domain professionals and wide procuring network, our company is strongly committed towards proposing a world-class Stadium High Mast Lighting Pole to innumerable respected clients. This style of lighting system is the best suitable for spreading bright illumination over a large area in stadium.Read More

Facade Lighting

Facades are typically known as the principle front or the front facing exterior sides of the building. In architectural terms, they are one of the most important exterior design elements as they largely determine the overall feel of the structure.Read More

High Raised Building Electrification work

The requirements of the planning and execution of electrical works of an ordinary building having ground plus one or two floors housing are quite different from those of a multistoried or high rise building. A building is classified as ‘High Rise’, if it has more than Four floors (Ground + 3 Floors) or height more than 15 meters.Read More