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Under Ground Cabling

Underground cables help in ensuring uninterrupted power supply that are hitherto uncommon in overhead systems. The main hindrance in ensuring uninterrupted power supply through overhead systems is the non-availability of space in developed urban areas. - Dr B S Sreekanthan, M Shravanth Vasisht A cable is basically an insulated conductor and is used for underground (UG) transmission and distribution of electricity. Insulation is used to cover the conductor and provides isolation from the surroundings. It should possess high resistance, high dielectric strength, high mechanical strength and long durability.

Categories of UG Cabling We offer:

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Low-tension cables

maximum capacity of 1000 V (1KV). It is most widely used among all cables, applied frequently in electric power distribution and control cables that carry signals from electrical devices or switch gears to control room.

High-tension cables

Super-tension cables

rating of between 22 KV and 33 KV. This uses low viscosity oils for impregnation.

Extra high-tension cables

rating of between 33 KV and 66 KV.

Extra super voltage cables

maximum voltage ratings beyond 132 KV.