1Do you supply free estimates ?

Yes! We send a qualified, licensed electrician to check out your project. He will provide an accurate estimate of your electrical needs and costs.

2 How long before I receive my estimate/ quote ?

If requested, we send your estimate within a week.

3Do I have to arrange for the permit and/ or inspection ?

United Engineers will arrange for all permits and inspections necessary to complete your project.

4 Will my project be done on time ?

Every job site has a unique timeframe and schedule. We are committed to finishing your work as soon as possible.

5 How will you leave my office at the end of the day ?

Our team is committed to excellent standards. Our goal is to leave no evidence that we were in your home or office. We take any garbage with us.

6After I call, how long does it take to get an electrician to my office ?

We offer priority call service work. This means that if your call is urgent, we can get our technician there in minutes or hours. We try to meet whatever may be required.

7 Does my office’s electrical wiring need to be replaced ?

The best way to find out is with a detailed inspection from Electrolite’s experienced electrical contractors. Get in touch online or call our friendly team on (0674) – 2725595 to arrange a time for us to check it out.

8Could my home’s ceiling insulation around down lights be a fire hazard ?

Yes, incorrectly installed ceiling insulation can be a hazard. Electrolite’s trained and licensed electricians can inspect your home to ensure the correct clearances have been left around light-fittings, and heat guards installed around downlights.